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Welcome to the Bishie_Shop -Please have a look around. I hope you'll find something you like!

I prefer payment via Paypal (via the gift option, unless you are willing to pay the fees), as I am tired of people claiming an item and then never sending payment. If I have dealt with you in the past, or if you have extensive feedback we can talk about money order or concealed cash :)

I have feedback here: http://bishie-shop.livejournal.com/3618.html
Please feel free to comment with questions on any item, and I will do my best to answer them. I am always willing to entertain offers, and may be open to trades from time to time.
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Merry Items for sale!

I've moved to the world's tiniest apartment. Ok, not really, but basically too small for all my shit. Help me re-home most of it! Here's the Merry portion of my collection, including some rare fans as well as photo sets and tour books.

Payment via Paypal only. I can only ship via priority mail now, as I no longer live anywhere near a post office. Tracking is not available for international packages, but with priority it doesn't usually take more than about a week and a half.

Comments are screened, so if you're looking for a gift, all is well!

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Prices do not include shipping, Paypal only - (via "gift/personal" tab, unless you want to pay the paypal fee, or are not in the US) unless I have dealt with you before, or you can show me a good amount of positive feedback here on LJ.

***Please note - when using the gift tab, Paypal will NOT send me your mailing address. Please include it in a note with your payment, or you can email it to me
directly at the same addy :)

Since I've had a lot of people send me comments via message due to wanting an item as a gift, I have decided to screen comments on this entry. Please comment here instead of sending me a message, as I often don't receive the notification until ages later!